Darren and his fancy pants (Triad Omega and Uptown Suit)

You know who we haven't seen in a while? This guy:

Mr. Fancypants

Darren the Triad Toys Omega guy, for whom I bought a ridiculously expensive suit, the Triad Toys Uptown suit, that's tailor made for the Omega body and its broad shoulders. (Actually, the suit got almost twice as expensive since I got scammed by the first seller, but that's a story for another day.) After almost putting a stain on it as soon as I opened the package, I decided to be super careful with it, and so after dressing Darren in it I ended up putting him in the glass door cabinet and kind of forgot about him. Which is a waste really, since he's the only properly articulated guy I have so far.

more fancy pants
Let's just say he's been on a long vacation in Hawaii and hasn't had a chance to change his shirt yet.

(Come to think of it, my second best articulated guy - Texas cheerleader Ken - is also languishing in a box somewhere, due to his glue-y hair. I'm going to do something about it sometime, but until then it's just put me off him a bit. It just isn't fun, handling dolls that have sticky goop seeping out of their heads.)

This won't be a review since he's only wearing the pants for now (the rest is in the freezer right now just in case the moths got to them). Sorry about the shirt, by the way - Generation Girl Blaine's fashion sense was not the most sophisticated - but at least it's better than the sweater I made him, so it'll have to do for now.

Nice shoes, kind of short pants
The only thing I don't like about these pants is they should have been a little bit longer. Some socks would have helped of course, but I don't think I could ever squeeze the shoes on then. In fact, this is the first time I managed to do it! It wasn't actually that difficult, not after softening them in hot water a bit, but I was still pretty careful. They're really nice shoes, actually one of the biggest reasons I originally wanted this suit set, and I didn't want to rip them. They are still huge, of course, like all action figure shoes, but they don't look as out of scale as I thought they might. I think it's because they're so realistic, you just accept them because they look right.

Hey, the '00s called...
"She said WHAT about my shirt??"

Speaking of glue head, here's the latest (but surely not the last) casualty:
Gluehead Ariel
This Mattel Ariel looked perfectly fine until I dipped her in hot water. Now I'm not sure what to do. I'm out of hair so I can't reroot, and she looked good in red. She will get articulation, though, since her skin is almost as peachy-pink as Steffi Love's but first I have to sort out her hair...


  1. I have that Triad guy too. I also bought the suit, but from a dealer (Not ebay). I actually have the suit on an FR guy. I like the Triad boots as well and have ordered some other pairs separately. I do hate that glue goop too. I wish Mattel would stop using it!

    1. Before I found a seller who had the whole suit I considered getting just the boots, but I could only find them in black and I really liked the brown ones. But I think they'd look too big on my other dolls - do they fit the FR guys? I don't have one so I'm not sure what their measurements are.

  2. Try baby powder and cold water (leaving head covered in b-powder for night helps a bit). There are lots of methods how to fix gluish head, but none is perfect and working pernament... permam... permanently. It helped my Rochelle, she was really gluish.

    As for socks- how about something like warmers, but made of thins fabric? They could be tuck into shoes with something thin (not sharp).

    1. Haha, yeah, I think we've discussed the methods, I just dread the hard work and endless scrubbing (particularly with the sugar method, which I've had some success with). Especially since it's still a temporary solution... :(

      Some kind of fake socks would probably work, at least if I can get them to stay put. Otherwise he might look a bit silly. :)

  3. Wow, he poses amazingly natural, the picture of him with the phone is so cool! The pants are great, and I love the shoes, very realistic! Nice!!!

  4. About the fake socks... I usually have thin white cotton gloves (the kind you use for polishing the silverware - or to let the hand cream sink in over night and still don't get the bedding dirty). They can easily be dyed in any colour you like - even with sharpies, and you just cut off the 'fingers' at the desired length - no-sew project. These awful rubber bands the kids make armbands out of, they can help to keep the sock up underneath the trouser's leg. Admittedly, that's the fiddly part...

    1. Glove fingers? I never thought of that. I'd be a bit nervous using Sharpies, though, but white socks should be safe at least. Re rubber bands - I've seen some dolls' socks are lined with a rubber band at the top to prevent slippage. That's probably hard to make, though.

  5. I love this doll! He is so handsome! Next year I may get more into Triads. Those shoes caught my eye right away. He looks really cool in that position. Now can you explain more about the freezer method?

  6. @NightOwl & Grandmommy

    It's a really well-made suit, definitely the best piece of doll clothing I have. I'm glad I finally got it, even though it was expensive. And action figures pose a lot better than Ken and Barbie! I would get more (particularly a Triad Alpha) but they're a bit expensive...

    There's not much to the freezer trick, I just make a habit of throwing any textiles I don't want the moths to ruin in the freezer now and then. :)

  7. Thanks for the freezer trick; that's a new tip for me ;-)

    Congrats on getting your Triad guy AND his costly suit and cool boots. It's always nice to have some premium dolls and action figures in our collections, isn't it? I think that suit is sharp although the pants leg could have been a leetle longer. The boots are definitely cool. Definite keepers.