Doll talk...

Never mind me, just talking about doll stuff... (and dumping some photos).

Fall is here, and that means it's time to dress your dolls in warm clothes and arrange them in a cosy, fall-like diorama! I'm lazy, so I just put mine (or as many as can fit) in the IKEA Huset couch and pretend it's facing a fireplace.

In which case construction paper would be a really bad choice of flooring.

The little doll on the right is Evi Love, little sister (or something?) of Steffi Love. I got her from a friend - unlike Steffi she has a great facemold, perfect for a kid doll. There's a new version now that's more bland, but I still look for them in thrift stores to mug for clothes and shoes. The clothes are usually very simple and kind of ugly - I copied the pattern of one dress and made the one she's wearing here. I tend to get stuck on details when I sew doll clothes, so to combat that I try to make something really quick and simple once in a while.

Lottie and Evi

If you squint they almost look like school uniforms - fitting, since it's fall and all!

Also, I decided to give the Super Model Bel body back to DeeDee since it fits her much better than OHC Briana Joy. I'll have to come up with something else for her.

Also, I need to buy a bigger couch.

DeeDee looks a bit cold in that summer dress, but at least she got Momoko's heavy boots.

Speaking of Only Hearts Club - I just discovered that those pink tights from the party dress fashion pack fits my Volks mini guy perfectly!

Left: Volks mini with OHC tights, Right: OHC doll

I forgot to take pic, but the dress fits him really well too. Kind of typical, considering this is my only boy doll and the one doll I thought I'd dress in something other than pink dresses for a change. Oh well, it's good news since I'm planning to rebody the OHC doll next to him on a Volks EB-mini A (if I can ever get my hands on one - they seem to be perpetually out of stock) so it's nice to know some OHC clothes will fit. Most of them are a pretty loose fit on the original body and way too big for the Volks kid. 

Oh, and I finally had a go at Disney Store Rapunzel's hair:

Yes, this is the "after".

Fabric softener, conditioner, hot water... I did manage to get it mostly untangled, but large sections are damaged beyond repair, so I'm not sure recycling it for rerooting would be worth the effort. I also had a closer look at the hip joints and it seem like switching out the legs would be harder than I thought, so maybe I'll just give her a haircut and release her into the wild again. Or I could keep her around as the resident Cousin It.


  1. You have some really cool dolls in your collection!

  2. Your Lottie looks so adorable. Love that red plaid skirt on her. She looks set for school.

    (Your Evi is cute, too, but I like Lottie. Something about those big, not quite side-glancing eyes ;-)

  3. I do like the Super Model Bel body much better with DeeDee. It really does fit her. When I see the original DeeDee, her head looks too small for her body to me.

  4. Your Evi doll is cute and has a very realistic face for such a little doll. I like her outfit too. Who is the redhead in the photo with DeeDee? As for Rapunzel, her hair doesn't look too bad after all that work - but if you don't want her, maybe there is some little girl somewhere who would love her.

  5. @Muff Thanks - now if I only had enough seats for them... :D

    @D7ana I've probably said it before, but Lottie's face reminds me of Licca a bit.

    @RoxanneRoxanne DeeDees head really is super small, even compared to other 80s Barbies! No idea why. I'm really glad I found this body for her, though.

    @Carrickters The redhead is Diva, another member of Barbie and the Rockers, with a new hairdo and body. She's one of my oldest dolls. Rapunzel's hair is too frizzled to comb properly, so if I donate her she'll get a haircut first or it'll just be a mess again in no time.