Dolll talk...

Don't mind me, I'm just thinking out loud about dolls.

Amazon.co.uk has a sale on some MH and EAH dolls, but of course none of the ones I want. Maaaaybe a Clawdia - I like big sister characters, and she has the best toothy grin - but I'd still have to find something else to get at the same time to qualify for free shipping. And of course the Ashlynn & Hunter set has gone up instead... I think I'll just wait for Cedar Wood. 

And then I'll have to decide how to handle the inevitable glue seepage: ignore (aka never wash the hair), reroot, or experiment with various removal methods? That's right Mattel, these are the things I plan beforehand when buying your dolls! Hope you're happy! (Well, they should be since I keep giving them my money... the sad truth is I just really want a Cedar Wood.)

A tip: camelcamelcamel.com is pretty useful for keeping track of Amazon's price fluctuations (if the neverending newsletters aren't enough). It seems to be correct as far as I've checked. There are a few localized versions, and I think you can register to get alerts. 
It's not much good when you're broke, of course - at the moment all I can do is stare angrily at that dip in the price graph back in April when Ashlynn & Hunter were at their cheapest and I passed them up... oh well. 

I don't like how EVERYTHING has to be pink, but sometimes it works.

My last trip to the thrift store yielded two Stacy dolls (two Stacies?). Barbie's barely-articulated little sisters aren't my cup of tea at all, the only reason I got them is they both had really cute shoes. Unfortunately they're too small for Lottie and my other kid dolls, so now I think I might keep one Stacy around just to wear the shoes... until a more interesting doll with the same shoe size comes along, that is. 

Both Steffi Love's little sister Evi (middle) and Barbie's Li'l Friend (right) have too wide feet. 

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