Oh, right. The blog.

Not much bloggable happening at the moment. I did get a Lottie doll, though, one of the new ones released last month. There will be pictures, as soon as I figure out this iPhone thing and remember that it gets dark (and therefore unsuitable for photography) early this time of year. Lottie is one of those dolls I wasn't terribly interested in at first, but she grew on me. It's a cute kid doll that looks like she could be the younger sister of the Super Model girls (although with much less articulation), and this new batch had several different styles I liked better than the original few. Apparently the pirate girl is popular, but I just had to have one with glasses, and since my store only had one of them the choice was easy. My old computer is still horribly slow and noisy so I try to avoid using it, but hopefully I'll be able to find the perfect app and return with some pictures.


  1. I liked her pics on your flickr, she slightly reminds me this clone: http://lalki-laleczki-lalunie.blogspot.com/2013/09/mangowa-gina.html

  2. Good luck with the iPhone and we'll look forward to the pictures. As for the weather, it is supposed to be Spring here but it has been so overcast and wet so it's also hard to get good enough light for photos.