Camera and Clones (and Dreamhouse Midge)

Finally got some rechargable batteries and brought my old digital camera back from the dead. I haven't used it in years since I have (had!) my camera phone, and I don't remember what half of the buttons do, but somehow I feel a bit more confident messing around with it now. All the photos still turn out blurry and underexposed, of course, but you have to start somewhere. At least I have photo evidence of Dreamhouse Midge whom I got today!

Blurry, under-lit photo evidence.

I thought I was so careful, but I still managed to get one with unevenly rooted eyelashes! Typical. I find it hard to be too annoyed, though - she's still a very pretty doll.

quality control

Also found a few interesting looking old clone dolls at the thrift store. I have no idea who these girls are, but they remind me of something, perhaps vintage Steffi Love or '80s Petra. Maybe it's the bubble cut that makes them look more vintage, but I get the feeling they're fairly old (although probably not valuable). The best part is the chin which has a little dimple in it. The bodies are pretty awful and no parts seem to fit together. No stamp in the back or neck. The hands are tiny and the feet are weird and long.

Check out those shoulders!

There were two of these. This is the one with the bad hair...
...and this is the one with the good hair
The third doll has the same face mold but a very different look
(A few more pics @ my flickr, as usual.)

Check that chin!


  1. They don't look too bad to me! I not a camera wiz either. Do you have your camera set for micro? You may know this but it is the setting with the flower image on it.

    1. It's a bit hard to tell, but the eyelashes to the left (our left) are placed lower than the ones on the right. I'll take a better pic some day. I do have a "flower button"! Not sure it helps, though. :D

  2. Lucky you - your camera working again and a Midge doll. They haven't made it to Australia yet so I am checking the stores regularly and grumbling a lot (hopefully someone will hear me and do something about our lack of Midges). Your clone dolls look interesting.

    1. I hope you get them soon, I was expecting a longer wait here too.